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"One of the best hard science-fiction writers ever. He really knows his stuff."
--Gregory Benford

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Brief biography
I was the recipient of the 2014 Robert A. Heinlein Award "bestowed for outstanding published works in science fiction and technical writings that inspire the human exploration of space."

Science Fiction

photo of Geoffrey Landis signing books

I'm a science fiction writer who has won the Hugo and Nebula awards, and have published one novel, a collection of short stories, one volume of poetry, and a hundred or so short stories. Click here to get to the page about my science fiction.

Science Stuff

Geoffrey A. Landis with Spirit model
Writing is not my full time job. In my main job, I am a scientist at the NASA John Glenn Research Center, where I work on Mars missions and on developing advanced concepts and technology for future space missions. Click here for the page for my activities in science and technology


photo of me at poetry reading

OK, I admit it: I also sometimes commit acts of poetry, and have even published a poetry collection, Iron Angels. Click here for more about my secret life as a poet.


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Click here for more cool stuff-- everything that doesn't fit under "Science," "Science Fiction," or "poetry," including Photo Gallery, News, Views, Reviews, Assorted Essays, and Links, not to mention politics.

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