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Welcome to Geoffrey Landis's science fiction page.

"Landis's finest success transcends mental acuity and dazzling storytelling: he gives "hard" science fiction a heart."
--Publisher's Weekly

"One of the best hard science-fiction writers ever. He really knows his stuff."
--Gregory Benford

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My first novel, Mars Crossing , was published by Tor Books.
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*   Winner of the Locus Award for best first novel  *

"... Geoffrey A. Landis has married the Zubrin-style bootstrap Mars expedition with the desperate, against-all-odds trek across a hostile wilderness toward a sole hope of survival. In Mars Crossing he's done an excellent job in a classic vein, and the result is a ripping good yarn."
--Tom Easton, Analog

What people have to say about Mars Crossing:

"Science fiction at its best" --Charles Sheffield

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Impact Parameter (and other quantum realities)
Award-winning short stories by Geoffrey A. Landis
$24.95 hardcover
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Impact Parameter (and other quantum fictions):

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In addition to science and science fiction, I also sometimes write poetry (much of which is science fictional).


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Answers to some of the questions that people often ask me.

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