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This is a page that I first put up back in 1996, when I was excited about the ability of the web to hyperlink. Unfortunately, what I didn't realize back then was how much a page of links needs the attention of a careful gardener to prune away the dead links as websites change. Since I don't really have time to keep updating this list (I think that's why people invented blogs-- to keep from having to keep up with dead links), many of the links on the page are historical. Sorry about the dead ones, and I hope that at least some of them work for you!

Every home page has to have a list of cool links. Want to read science fiction stories on line? Check out Fictionwise.

Read the Darwin Awards. And then check out Urban Legends and Snopes urban legends page. Read about the war between Sciencetology and the Internet

Religious? Check out In Praise of the Devil.

Cat lover? Look at some cat poems, and then learn cat terminology from's "cats" page.

Interested in science fiction that's scientifically accurate? Check out the Resource Guide for Teaching Astronomy through Science Fiction, an annotated index to science fiction stories and novels that use good astronomy, available on the education web pages of the nonprofit Astronomical Society of the Pacific, with categories from anti-matter to Venus, plus exploding stars, the future exploration of Mars, falling into a black hole, the search for intelligent life in the universe (and what forms it might take), and what it would be like to live among the rings and moons of the outer solar system. Or, if accuracy in science fiction isn't what you like, look up some science fiction featuring Bad astronomyor with Bad physics.

My favorite web site is, of course, XKCD, although Dr. Fun often is, and I will even admit to often liking Foxtrot. Or find more funnies links.

Other pages of interest:

You can find a list of cool science-related sites at Winchell Chung's "Project Rho" page, and on Erik Max Francis' site.

More interesting stuff:

Some publishers that feature single-author short story collections:

Some of the best science fiction written is in the short-story form, but recently it's been hard to find publishers interested in doing short-story collections! Here are a couple of publishers that feature collections of short stories by some of the best names in recent science fiction:

Write your own web pages? Then don't do this:

And, everybody on the web should be concerned with internet privacy. Read Lenny Foner's essay about civil liberties in cyberspace (with copious links) to understand the issues.

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