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Some books that I like

Here's a page with a list of some books that I liked, and recommend, plus links to find them on Amazon.com. If you want stuff by me, there's a different page for that.

So far I haven't added very many books here; keep checking back, and I'll add more.

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Hard Science Fiction Classics

Modern Hard Science Fiction


Gardner Dozois's The Year's Best Science Fiction series is, as the title says, the best (and the biggest) compilation of each year's science fiction around. Every sf collector should have the complete set, but I'll list just the last decade's volumes. Another best of the year anthology, edited by David Hartwell, offers a different set of selections:

Excellent books by some of my friends:

To be fair, I have to point out that these books are written by friends. Nevertheless, these are excellent books, and I recommend them without reservation.

The Hard SF Writer's Reference Shelf

I have occasionally been asked what science reference books are indespensible for a hard-science fiction writer. Here is the list of books that I personally find indespensible on my bookshelf.

Some Music:

This category will definitely need some expansion

Don't forget my books!

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Future War

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